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Bertil Jöransson to Strömnäs (Viborgs parish)

Bertil Jöransson to Strömnäs (Viborgs parish). The lineage unknown. Anreps and Wasa Stars' statement that he belonged to the family Jägerhorn af Spurila is contradicted by the weapon. It is certain that only he had an inheritance in Kavantjärvi in ​​Jääskis. Famous with the nickname Mjöhund (greyhound). Adlad 1559. At the land of adultery, the right of salvation for his inheritance was established and he received for eternal property 3½ treasures in Srömsnäs (Ylivesi) village in Viborgs parish, where he laid his estate. The family ended with him on the sword side. ...

According to Gustaf Elgenstierna's "The Swedish nobility's pedigree": Was adducted 6/2 1559. Not introduced. Buried in Viborg cathedral where his weapon was installed. The weapon showed ½ moth dog (Greyhound).

According to "The Estate and Eats of the Finnish Nobility" by Wilhelm Gabriel Lagus: (Called Bertill Jöransson Mjöhund to Strömnäs.) Bertill Jörensons and Arfuingar to Åby after Högloflige K: Giöstafz bref Dat. February 6, 1559- Borgå Sochn {Stenääs 2, Geddedragh 4, Munckeby 1, Wåghlax 3, Grännäs 1, Torp 1, Sondby 2; Saugå Sochn {Bolböle 1.

Bertil Jöransson belonged to a non-introduced noble family Mjöhund (to Strömnäs), who brought in the weapon half a meadow dog, and likewise on the helmet. Was joined in Lappvesi herald 1547-1556. 1560 "Castle Song" on Viborg. Commander at Viborg Castle in 1566, but in April 1567, King Johan III separated him from this position. Was a connoisseur of the Russian language and was used on such grounds in several missions to Russia. Thus he belonged to the envoys, who, according to the instruction of May 17, 1561, were to call upon the stock of peace between the two kingdoms. He was also employed by the mission which left Russia in 1566. He was also one of the commissioners at the peace talks with Russia at the beginning of 1574. He was remembered on special occasions with lectures. Thus, apart from the goods he received through King Gustaf I's letters cited in the list, dated 6 February. 1559, he was conferred by King Erik XIV's letter of 10 August. 1562 eternal salvation for his rightful inheritance and own in Jäski's parish, consisting of Kåstiala, Kärkåhälä, Hatula and Kawandjärvi; however, for these apartments he would constitute rust service. Through cong. the letter on Oct 13 In 1568 he was granted permission to buy 10 or 12 land taxes in Finland; however, he should be responsible for rust service for these properties. He requested confirmation from King Johan III of the goods he bought, but received the king's reply on 6 January. 1572, that such could not be granted before undertaking necessary access documents. As a Russian interpreter, in 1578 he had 120½ barrels of grain. He seems to have died about 1580. His weapons were erected in Viborg church.

The gull Thure Stålarm became through marriage with Bertil Göransson's daughter Margareta the holder of Åby's farm in (Borgå) parish.

According to Carpelan: Adlad 6/2 1559, the family end on the sword side 1580. Bertil Göransson Mjöhund to Strömsnäs (Ylivesi) in Viborgs parish. Russian Interpreter. Attached in Lappvesi herald 1549 - 1556. Ordered in 1558 to carry out taxation in Viborg County. The Palace Act at Viborg Castle 1559. Adlad 6/2 1559 and established at the same time in the right of salvation, for Gäddrag, Sondby, Ekenäs, Vålaks, Munhby, Torp and Grännäs in Borgå parish, and Bålböle in Pargas, all his wife's inheritance. Received 15/5 6/5 ten taxes with annual interest in the parish of Jääski "in particular that he should mediate and reconsider the Russian language". Member of a mission which, following the instruction of 1561 17/5, was to call for peace with Russia. Devoted 1562 10/8 by King Erik with everlasting tax freedom for his inherited estate Jääshus; Kavantholm, Kåstiala, Kärkkäälä, and in St.Andrae; Hattula. Commander at Viborg Castle 1566 to 1568 28/10, when an inventory was made of him to Anders Nilsson Sabelfana. Member of Mission to Russia 1566 and 1574, Commissioner at the Peace Negotiation. Received a letter of salvation for inherited and purchased goods 1568 20/11 and 1570 12/9. Still had in 1578 for his position as Russian interpreter the loan of 120 1/2 barrels of grain; died in 1580, buried in Viborg Cathedral, where his coat of arms was erected.

Verbonden metBertil Jöransson "Mjöhund" till Strömsnäs

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