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Janke Jans van der Leij Roel Annes Postma Gosse Annes Postma Elizabeth Hendriks Pauwels

Surhuizum 18 February 1893 pages 3-4

We can quickly rent a house somewhere and visit you later when things are going better at your place but I would rather now but then it's a choice (?) or else something I don't know what will be best Haye, it has for me and mother always been the land and on those years 44 years and 54 years almost.
A message has come that brother was doing good, but who did write that we dont know but it would be my wish as well. Are they supported in making some money or are they barely getting through the wintertime.
The land is worth quite something if something will be added to it
The Pinnen 737 Reineland 892 Lane 214 Geddesland 1017 together 2860
When we visit you we can bring you the money that is left.
Jan wrote that he gave it to that one of his bloodrelatives that visited him.
We may have something left after all. Now I dont know whether there are houses outside the city including some land, because that way we may grow something to live off. Roel en Gosse could also make some money. Halbe is the youngest, already 11 years old. They all have grown well now I hope all will end well, Haye.
And write back quickly how things are and how you see things you can host us surely the first few days.
B, W, O will have to stay for a while and is a police officer, that's why I am not sure whether I can trust him.
I hope you will receive these letters in good health and give our regards to all we know, awaiting H. Elizabeth Anne Tamme T Hausina
Haije how do you feel about us visiting you I hope you write the truth quick response your mother J J v d Leij

Eigenaar/BronBonnie Myers
Datum18 februari 1893
Latitude (Breedte)53.2064012
Longitude (Lengte)6.1789425
BestandsnaamSurhuizum 2-18-1893 Page 2.png
Dimensies x
Verbonden metHaije Annes (Henry) Postma

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